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Food Scientist from NCSU, Certified Bulletproof Human Potential Coach, ACC certified ICF Coach and Neuro-Nutrient Therapy Specialist In-training. I believe you can realize your unlimited potential, perform better, think clearer and live happier.


We are all creative, resourceful and whole, and I love working with people who are ready to make changes. At Upgraded Moms & Kids, we believe you can become the best version of yourself.

Our goal is to help you:


  • feel calm and centered under pressure

  • to experience true well being, inner ease and deep fulfillment

  • to be 100% accepting of you & your body

  • to activate untapped brain energy

  • make better decisions

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The Bulletproof Training Institute teaches their certified coaches to use powerful and unique presence-centered, somatic coaching methodology, where this practice draws from mindfulness and somatics to achieve great results.

Coaches are here to help you design your future, best version of yourself. Bulletproof training institute is certified by the ICF and helps you improve your life, relationships and human performance.


Our coaches are passionate about helping people create and pursue their own life aspirations. We help move you from survive to thrive. We ask powerful questions and guide you toward self-discovery and empower you to create solutions of your own, and we partner with client to design the life, career or health they want with a focus on present and future.  



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