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HACK                  HEALTH

Are you tired all the time? Feeling sluggish and foggy? Not sleeping? 


Get your kids, nutrition, wellbeing, and overall life running like the well-oiled machine.

At Upgraded Moms, we believe in

presence based coaching

to help you realize your greatest human potential! We want you to perform better, think clearer and live in a state of high performance.




Discover together what the best version of yourself looks like and how we close the gap.



Tired of fighting over healthy food choices? Learn some helpful tricks to deal with this.



As an avid biohacker, I have lots of tips & tricks for moms as well as kids to keep your performance soaring.



Overwhelmed by the food store choices, need a tour guide on your next trip? Let me help you!

Pantry makeover


Revamp your pantry so anything you reach for while cooking will be an excellent source of fuel for your body.



Personal message from Kristi:

"I’ve been there - life out of balance, trouble sleeping, low energy, brain fog and I hacked my own health and so can you."



Kristi graduated in Food Science from NCSU and attended the Bulletproof Training Institute. She believes you can realize your unlimited potential and perform better, think clearer and live in a state of high performance.

We have worked hard to assemble the best list of resources we can provide for our clients - we have combed the internet so you don't have to.


 Our resource page has links to educate yourself on topics like:

  • Health & Diet

  • Your Genes

  • Stress & Brain Health

  • Autism

  • Autoimmune Diseases

....and many more! Read on for the full list!